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Breast augmentation for me

The breast pocket method can be used effectively to reduce sagging male breasts and improve stiffness without the need to undertake bodybuilding.  

      Surgical techniques similar to those used in female breast augmentation are adopted. Breast pad pockets from the American company Mentor are used.

      Surgery is undertaken in a hospital under general anesthesia. The surgery lasts up to 1.5 hours.

      An 4 cm incision in the arm pit area is made and a large padded bag is placed under the chest muscle cavity using laparoscopic surgical techniques. Patients are usually required to spend 1 nights in hospital. The dressing is replaced 2 days/time, stitches are normally removed after 10 days. A compress tool for the chest is pressed continuously for one month with the aim of avoiding the breast implant pocket from being displaced upwards and to allow chest contours to become clear. After this time you can resume playing sport.

Cost: 3000 USD


breast augmentation for men

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