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Korean style rhinoplasty

Combining Korean-style rhinoplasty, which uses natural cartilage from the patient’s body, is a major innovation in the field of cosmetic surgery.

The results of this surgery are a natural straight look - these is - no red nose tip or scooped out bridge of the nose. Nor will there be pain in low temperatures.With this type of surgery, your nose will look very natural.

Cartilage is taken from a patient’s ears and nose  Through incisions behind the ears, ear cartilage from the conchal are taken without deforming the ear in any way. Scars are small and hidden.

In patients where nose reconstruction has already taken place but  the tip of the nose is red or too thin due to a previous, unsuitable implant procedure. Surgery using natural cartilage is the best solution  This technique will create a suitable layer of skin and correct the scooped out bridge as well as the  circulatory disorder which caused the red nose in the first place.

A bulbous nose can be corrected by removing some nose tissue from the nostrils (alars).

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