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Breast lift surgery

Breasts are considered sagging when their positions are lower than the chest cavity.
     Sagging breasts are the result of over-developed mammary glands post-pregnancy or weight loss. Sagging breasts can be associated with either increasing or decreasing fat in the breast.

      An easily recognised sign of sagging breasts is the position of the nipple. Young female breasts have nipples pointing straight forward. Sagging breast nipples point downward. Another sign is that breasts become flatter and hang towards breast creases.

      Defining a degree of sagging is based on the position of the nipples.
       - Mild sagging: Nipple’ position is on the breast crease line. (Picture B)
       - Moderate sagging: Nipple’ position is lower than the breast crease line but areola is still on the breast case line. (Picture C)
       - Significant sagging: Nipple’ position and areolas are obviously lower than the breast crease line. (Picture D)
       - Lower breast sagging: Nipple’s position is higher than breast crease line but lower breast is lower. This is the result of loss of fat in the breast. In this case, breast augmentation is strongly recommended. (Picture E)

The degrees of Sagging breasts (Picture A: normal)

    Different kinds of breast lifting surgery can be applied; it depends on the degree of sagging and a size of the breasts.

    Types of breast lifting surgeries:
     - For sagging breasts accompanied by overly large breasts, breast lift and reduction surgeries are recommended.
   - For sagging breasts accompanied by breast fat loss (hypotrophic breast), breast lift and augmentation surgeries are recommended.
    - For sagging breasts with ordinary amount of breast (about 300 gram for each), a surgeon can apply different kinds of breast lifting surgery, depending on a degree of sagging and patient’s request. There are three kinds:
    Breast implant
    Breast implant and removal of excess skin surgery or
    Only removal excess skin surgery     
    Breast lift surgery is performed in hospital under general anesthesia. It takes 2 to 5 hours depending on what kind of surgery is being used. You can leave the hospital after 1 to 2 days and can get back to ordinary activities after a week. Stitches are removed within 8 to 10 days, but you have to wear a surgical bra for a month.

    Sometimes, patients feel a loss of nipple sensation after surgery. However, sensation will return after 3 to 6 months.


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