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Areola reduction & Nipple reduction

 Areolas are the patches of dark (pink or brown) skin surrounding the nipples. Ideally areolas are pink and are balanced in size with the breast volume. Stretched areolas reduce the beauty of your breasts.

        Areola reduction surgery is performed in hospital. The procedure lasts between 45-60 minutes, using local anesthesia.

        Outer areolas are removed by cutting in a circle or star shape. All incisions are always inside the areola area. Scars are hardly seen and heal quickly.

       Nipple reduction is achieved by removing some of nipple tissue and skin. Incisions are made underneath the nipples. Scars are hidden and fade gradually.

       An overnight hospital stay is not usually required. The dressings are changed every three days until the stitches are removed, usually after ten days.


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