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Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to fill breast volume for fuller breasts.  This procedure is recommended for small and uneven breasts.

      There are two types of breast implant shapes: round or teardrop. Your left breast volume and chest shape will decide which type of implant you should use. Women with  small breasts should choose round shape implants. Women with quite a good amount of breast tissue which may be associated with sagging breasts, should choose tear drop- shaped implants. 

      This kind of implant can also help avoid build-up of the amount of breast above the nipple..

      The Thien Nga Cosmetic Surgery Center uses Natrelle implants manufactued by Allergan in the USA. This implant has been fully approved by the US. Food and Drug Administration. The Natrelle implant has a textured surface which helps reduce risks of capsular contraction. The implant's high price indicates that it is the best quality implant.


breast implant


     In undertaking breast augmentation surgery, there are three places to make the incisions:

  - In the crease below the breast (inframammary). This incision is less popular because it cannot minimize scars.

  - Around the lower half of the breast areolars (periareolar). This is the closest position to the chest wall for surgeons to put implants. Scars will fade gradually between six months to a year. 
  - Through the armpit (trans-axillary). Surgeons use endoscopic surgery in which operations are performed through small incisions. This kind of surgery greatly reduces and controls bleeding (hemostasis) and easily creates pockets on the chest wall for the implants. Scars in the armpit are minimized and are of course well hidden.

    Implants are firmly placed underneath the chest muscle wall (submuscular or subpectoral implant) rather than behind the mammary gland and in front of the muscles (subglandular implant). Submuscular or subpectoral implant surgey gives breasts natural look, feel and touch.

      Breast augmentation is performed in hospital. The procedure ususlly lasts between 1-2 hours, using general anesthesia. You will rest in hospital for a day and the dressing will be changed every two days, until stitches are removed ten days after the operation.

      You will need to wear a breast augmentation surgical bra for a month in order to develop cleavage and the best results.