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Master -Doctor Tran Thi Nga's Skills and Experience

anh gioi thieu

 Doctor Nga graduated from the Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction and Aesthetics School of the Paris VII University, France.

 Micro surgery diploma from Paris VII University, France

 Specialist training in Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction and Aesthetics at MD Anderson Hospital, Texas, USA.

 Former Doctor at various Hanoi hospitals, specializing in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics.

Former Doctor at various hospitals within France, specializing in Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction and Aesthetics.

 Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, French Vietnamese hospital FV (2007 - 2011)

 Lecturer in Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City.

● Takes part in various Cosmetic Surgery International Conferences. 

As a woman, Dr.Nga fully understands and appreciates  female desires with respect to appearance and beauty.. Dr.Nga has successfully undertaken many different kinds of cosmetic  surgery such as: breast augmentation by laparoscopic techniques, breast reductions, breast lifts and breast reconstructions after massive incisions for breast cancer. She also specifies on facial plastic surgery and reshaping body surgery.